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Jewelry Consignment

Consignment Terms:


  1. Jewel Box will provide a receipt of goods upon taking possession of item(s). 
  2. The goods will remain the property off the consignor until sold or returned at the consignor’s request, subject to the terms and conditions laid forth here and in the consignment policy.
  3. The seller will assume all costs associated with photographing, describing, uploading, and customer service related needs involved with the advertising and sale of the goods, not to include any refurbish, repair of alterations.
  4. All consigned items that are photographed, processed and uploaded must stay on the website for a duration of at least 6 months to allow the item a fair chance to sell.  A fee of $75 will be collected at time of consignment and will be refunded if item is sold.  Fee is non refundable if item is withdrawn early or if item is not sold.  At the expiration of the 6 month period, the consignor may request the return of the goods.
  5. The consignor agrees to pay Jewel Box a 30% commission fee which will be deducted from the sale price of the merchandise.
  6. The list price and minimum accepted price as determined in the attached consignment list will be adhered to by the consignor and the seller.
  7. The seller agrees to pay, by check, the sellers portion of the proceeds of any sale at the completion of the sale.
  8. The seller will contact the consignor with any offer made which are deemed by the seller to be reasonable.